Table of Contents

1. Basics

1.1 Adding your team members 

1.2 Bulk importing workers to the dashboard

1.2 Registering in the App

1.3 Worker Status

2. Settings page

2.1 How can I fill in company information and metrics?

2.2 Where do I put in my billing information?

2.3 How can I add a single client to the database or upload my client list to the database?

2.4 How can I add Items to my account?

2.5 How can I add new Sales Tax Codes?

2.5 How can I sync to Quickbooks Online?

3. Scheduler tab

3.1 How do I create new job and assign to my workers?

3.2 How do I create an unnassigned job?

3.3 How do I assign an unassigned job from the Scheduler?

3.2 How do I create a continuous or repeat job?

3.4 How do I know the status of each job?

3.5 How do I clear a Worker's Day?

3.6 How do I optimize routes for the jobs?

3.7 How do I apply Job Filters? 

3.8 How do I apply Worker's Filters?

4. Job Folder

4.1 Customer & Job Information

4.2 Estimates

4.3 Invoices

4.4 Deleting Jobs

5. Log book

5.1 Where can I find all my jobs?  

6. Live Map

6.1 How can I see where my Workers are throughout the day? 

6.2 Where was my Worker the other day? 

7. Time sheets

7.1 How do view/edit my Workers' time sheets?

8. Travel reports

8.1 How do view/edit my Workers' travel reports?

9.Mobile App 

9.1 How does the mobile app work?

10.Project Management

10.1 How to create a new project?

10.2 How to create a new task?

10.3 How to create a new subtask?

10.4 How to create a new job in a subtask?

10.5 How to add an existing job in a subtask?

10.6 How the To-do list works?