Estimates - Overview


Creating a New Estimate

Navigate to the Estimate tab and click on the "+ Add New Estimate" button.


  • The Customer Information field should be filled when you're creating a new job. 

  • Estimate# is a unique identification for the estimates created. 

  • Specify the Estimate Expiry Date from the respective field.

  • Insert the quantity of produtcs/visits for this job
  • Insert the Unit/Visit Cost.
  • Apply a Tax rate to the item/visit in the tax field.
  • The total amount will automatically be generated.
  • Easily email the estimates and once approved, change the status from Pending to Approved/Reject by clicking on Approve or Reject if the estimate was not accepted by client. 
  • Once your estimate is approved, you can easily create an invoice by clicking on Generate Invoice button on top of the screen.



 -->show how to batch Invoice bunch of enstimates that are approved