Customer & Job Information - Overview

In your Job Folder you can find the Job Information Tab and the Attachments Tab. 



Job Information:

In this area you can access and edit informations such as: Address, Start Date, Start Time and Job Duration.

Customer Information:

In this area you can access and edit informations such as: Customer Name, Billing Address, Phone Number and Email.


Add participants such as drivers that are assign for that job. Simply type in the box and select from drop down menu.


Type in the Comments tab to communicate with your employees in the field in real time

Dispatcher's Note:

Area exclusive for the dispatcher to add important information that he/she will need for that specific job. The information in this box is not available to the mobile employees in the field.




In this area the dispatcher can add/view photos and documents specific for that job. 




  • Check traffic in the Map and Hide or put it Full Screen for detailed information. You can even switch to Satellite view.