How do I fill in my Company information and metrics? 


Company Information

Follow these steps to add fill in your Company information.

  • Log into your dashboard
  • Navigate to Settings 
  • under Company Information click on Edit button
  • Fill in the relative information and/or upload your logo
  • Once done, click on Save Button


Here are the fields to be filled out under Company Settings:

  • Speed Violation Threshold: You can set the speed threshold so that you will get notified if the Worker drives over the speed threshold that you set. For example, if the speed violation threshold is set at 20 Km/hr and the Worker drives 80 Km/hr in an area that speed limit is 50 Km/hr then you will be notified because the Worker was 30 Km/hr ( 30 > 20 Km/hr set threshold) over the speed limit.
  • Gas Cost/Km: this would be used to calculate the Workers gas expenses in the Reports>Travel Report tab. *This value is usually set by the government as a way of gas expense compensation for the employees.
  • Regular Hours: This defines the # of Regular hours for the Workers in your Company
  • Overtime Pay Multiple: This defines at what multiple your Workers get compensated for overtime hours
  • Tax Rate: This is the tax rate you use to calculate the total in your Invoices