How to create a new project?


To create a new project, click on the right side button and you will be redirected to the Welcome screen.

1. Click on the button: Add New Project

2. Add your customer to the project

3. Create a project name, estimate duration, project deadline and the budget.

After you finish completing this information, you can add new tasks to the job or proceed to the Project Window.

In the Project Overview, you have all the analysis for your project.

- Your project progress will be shown as the first information, putting together how much has been done to get to the end of the project.

- The hour for the project will also be available as also the breakdown of it, to be visually easy to locate which task needed more time to finish.

- The total number of tasks and remaining.

- The total number of jobs inside the project.

- The invoices will also be available for quick view, separate by task and the payment progress.

The Attachments, Estimates, and Invoices are information that are going to be shared in the whole project, allowing you to access the same information in every Task, Subtask or Job that you might be doing.

Create new project.gif