How do I create new job?


Creating a new job

Follow these steps to create a new job:

  • Log into your dashboard
  • Navigate to Scheduler tab
  • Click on any day (current or future date)
  • Click on Add a new job
  • You can choose between Use Existing or Create New. If you choose Creat New, all the client information will be automatically added to your client database for any future job. If you have already entered the client information for another job before, you must your Use Existing option. In this case, you can search for client name and all the fields will be auto-filled
  • Fill out all other fields (some optional)

  • Please note that if you enter your client's cell number in the Customer Phone field, he/she will receive a reminder text message 10 minutes before your personnel arrives at the job site
  • Please make sure that the job start time is in the future
  • Tip: If you have any instructions for that job, you can leave a message in the Comments box. If any job, with the same job address or job name, occurs in the future, those instructions in the Comments box will auto-fill
  • Add notes in the Dispatcher area, this notes can be seen only by the Dispatcher
  • Choose between Single or Multiple/Repeat jobs. 
  • Once finished filling up the fields, click on Create Job button

* Please keep in mind that each row in your scheduler is a specific Worker that is located in the left-hand side. Do when creating a new job, select the row that corresponds to the Worker that you want to give it the job.